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You don't have a clue what evidence is.

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Aragar 24.03.2018
Ford is promising to double down on Wynne's nonsense. He's not just going to increase the spending she's committed to... he's going to reduce revenues while he's at it!
Mazumuro 30.03.2018
Were you taught that bigotry was wrong? Apparently not. Otherwise, you wouldn't be screaming about the non-existent threat Islam poses to the West.
Malall 06.04.2018
I don't disagree, there are those who escalate things rather than de-escalate, and for those people, perhaps policing isn't the career for them.
Tagore 15.04.2018
"Nonsensical conclusion" and "bigotry"? Why, because you confuse Fundamentalism and the Inquisition with an adequate treatment of Christianity as a phenomenon? You better look up your terms, because you are projecting your own behavior on others in your muddled thinking.
Metaur 18.04.2018
I am a planner, and a thinker. So, in most cases, I just go into a sort of third person "what is the proper method for dealing with this" planning mode, like I'm handling this on behalf of someone else.
Tygobei 23.04.2018
I have a connection with Mo cause we both love pizza with pineapple XD
Vusar 01.05.2018
The number of murders in the UK tripled after the death penalty was abolished in 1966.
Makasa 09.05.2018
On what part? Minimum wage, effective arguments, or popcorn :)
Doubar 10.05.2018
As most pregnancies are early the fetus is not torn apart. Parts are not sold for profit, this is a lie.
Brazahn 16.05.2018
You do have double talk though and it does denigrate your god.
Zolorn 19.05.2018
hmmmmm - running from scandal to scandal, allowinig party members to profit thru her govt, cutting health care, refusing drug treatment to kids, ... oh, and running ontario into the ground - sounds like a certain premier
Tautaur 27.05.2018
It is easy, just bury head in sand & you're in!!!
Mikara 29.05.2018
Asked why I bought a Nissan over any other domestic car... simple... in the 12 years Ive had the Nissan not ONCE has the check engine light come on.
Vull 02.06.2018
Good to have you back! It's nice to see you around these parts. ;)
Mazum 08.06.2018
While you overlook that Lousiana is one of America's


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