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Do you agree with the premise, "All human infants are born atheists?"

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Tezshura 14.04.2018
You only get meaning when your god tells you something is meaningful???
Akiktilar 18.04.2018
That's a difficult test!
Fezuru 24.04.2018
that could be there dynamic. they might balance each other.
Mezilkis 02.05.2018
Octavius Catto Octavius Catto ? 2 days ago
Dole 13.05.2018
Well, what else would anyone expect from a liberal, especially one that hangs out in Harlem, home to Al Sharpton's NAN?
Nizragore 21.05.2018
It's mostly a contorted claim.
Bagar 30.05.2018
Your point is that we have evidence, as long as we don't question it?
Sashakar 02.06.2018
lmao, I have EVERY right to judge
Goltizahn 08.06.2018
What do you mean, require supernatural "intervention?" Did you mean, require supernatural "explanation?" Please define. Thanks!!!
Gut 17.06.2018
My point is that unless there's some nonhuman third party author or judge of morality; much like the above, its subjective reasoning vs subjective reasoning. At that point there is no better or worse, there is, and there is not.
Zolotaxe 22.06.2018
So Trump didn't invent going after the media.
Tozil 28.06.2018
Thank you so very much for that. Glad I am not the only one to see it.
Kajikree 02.07.2018
"Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. Scientists record and analyze this data. The process is a central part of the scientific method. "
Dulrajas 04.07.2018
So do I. The place wasn't built just for me, but no matter.
Sarg 08.07.2018
How about you give me your address and I come over and see how your Government approved "Fire Alarm" works.
Moogushura 13.07.2018
It isn't .
Voodoomuro 24.07.2018
Absolutely not. It's not a choice.
Samuzragore 27.07.2018
Are you talking about the atheist terrorists and those atheists who attempt to force their laws that hinder the rights of others? Abortion being one of them
Groktilar 04.08.2018
That chapter is talking about male Hebrew slaves. You can only keep him for six years. If he started with a wife then he leaves with his wife. If the slave master gives him a wife then the man leaves without his wife or any children they had, which are permanent property of the slaver.
Zurn 11.08.2018
The soap is pretty good.
Sajind 15.08.2018
Do you have any idea what criticism does to your body? You hold yourself up until you suffocate. If you hold on too long, your legs are broken, so yo us slowly suffocate. You really think dying in a head on motorcycle collision with a but is worse?


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