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I really fail to understand why Canadian military has the "ambitious" plan to recruit more minorities instead of having a plan to recruit people the best fit for the military service, regardless of their race, gender or sexual preferences.. What is so ambitious about derailing recruiting process particularly and Canadian military generally (unless you are a military-hating liberal, of course)?

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Free french mature and boy
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Voodoonos 15.06.2018
BRAVO to an epic K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid, SPOT ON response! All the self serving rationalizations for poor behavior evaporate with your clear, to the point response. Thank you. I could right paragraphs providing validating/supporting info, but why bother? Once again...THANK YOU!
Vilkis 16.06.2018
Ok lets talk about it. Why is it that when white people talk about issues that pertain to white people the left goes nuts and starts with the name calling? Even if we talk about things that others find insulting do we not have a right to discuss those issues? Do white people have a right to associate with each other?
Mezragore 25.06.2018
"For instance, science is not the correct paradigm to rule out the theory that the universe was created five minutes ago, since that is a metaphysical model. It also is not equipped to rule out creation 6020 years ago, for the same reason. Nor a worldwide Flood, the Cartesian super deceiver, changed rates of radioactive decay, etc." - can you prove the metaphysical exist. Ad what evidence do you have tha theearct is 600 years old?
Dataxe 27.06.2018
From that silly picture we can guess the Russians are not too good at Photoshop.
Grozragore 01.07.2018
Am absolute nerd on computer so no rhem no reason. I just say Lois101
Moogurn 06.07.2018
Unlike you, Comrade, I work for a living. In the non-union, private sector as well.
Tokree 17.07.2018
stick to the topic or leave.
Akiktilar 26.07.2018
So sorry to hear this. As a dog lover I know how tough losing one is. Lost one a year ago on Mother's Day very suddenly. Healthy one minute and 15 minutes later she passed. Crazy stuff. Still miss her. Well not the excessive gas issue which was quite unbearable. You did all you could and gave him a great life. No need to subject an animal to painful surgery for just a short reprieve. Handsome dog. Glad you have the memories. Thinking of you and your wife.
Jular 02.08.2018
This is my problem too.
Dat 05.08.2018
What's the difference between church culture and shared beliefs? Some churches too "sinny"? Seems like god would have sorted them out from the herd long ago, wouldn't allow honest god loving people to be lead astray. But there stands those buildings founded on "love of jesus", right? I guess I don't get why you split hairs.
Nikozilkree 15.08.2018
"That comes when your hormones develop"
Zulukree 18.08.2018
LMFAO you have more faith in our Americans than I do!!
Vurg 22.08.2018
Excellent point, FR, and I concede that I did leave it out. It's all still property, though. You haven't addressed why wife is included, and husband is not, however. Isn't your neighbor's wife also your neighbor?


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