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Your statement was wrong to begin with. God did not drown babies.

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Teen sex cage pics
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Tokus 28.04.2018
I find it troubling. The fact that it was passed with a 7-2 vote is disconcerting. Somehow religious "freedom" has trumped civil rights.
Tauktilar 30.04.2018
"Sure, first stop the government from incentivizing women to have children out of wedlock."
Malagrel 09.05.2018
Like you, this guy is one of the biggest, ignorant assholes on the planet. White privilege, defined. GFY
Mezibei 19.05.2018
Support your nutty "dictatorship" talking point. Name one unconstitutional thing he's done.
Gukasa 21.05.2018
It truly does show that in most cases you don?t know what someone is going through. Despite their money, status, and fame? in the end we?re all vulnerable.
Shagar 31.05.2018
They are in a tougher position
Digal 02.06.2018
I bet you give good spork.
Sarr 03.06.2018
Birds are warm-blooded, after all.
Kagajinn 04.06.2018
Aww, like a toddler, you express yourself by pointing at objects instead of using your big boy words.
Fejinn 06.06.2018
There's people I disagree with, and people who are just tedious. I try to make a distinction between the two.
Tauhn 08.06.2018
I'm not reasoning away the resurrection. Have you heard me say that?
Fegar 14.06.2018
He and his boss got it. Someone should make it a meme and blow it up. But more than that it's a sad example of how some silly people act. She basically just thought that she could do what ever she wants. Life usally has a way of teaching you about that at some point.
Mubar 23.06.2018
That is only in a mathematical model.
Magrel 30.06.2018
The government of the United States REPRESENTS the values , morals and principles of those it represents.
Gujinn 02.07.2018
I will give you 'navigational". But it is what I use to encompass procedure and research plus more. More than you would ever get in a College or university.
Doura 03.07.2018
not tre blowjobs are a better form of birth controll.
Meztisho 08.07.2018
It?s not always all about you, Robert; if you were to read what I wrote by using English instead of Biased, you?ll see that I was speaking generically.


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