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you still don't get it. It's your version of intolerance, versus another person's version of intolerance.

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Free swinging heaven
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Akinoramar 10.01.2018
Yes. Tell me, who has the say about children both in the womb and outside? Even usually when the mother is abusive and the father demonstrates his ability to care for the children?
Goltigal 17.01.2018
HE/SHE (sex of shooter not mentioned in article).. SHOT TWO PEOPLE !!! the fact that they didnt die should be irrelevant...
Bagrel 19.01.2018
Is the New Testament?
Maurr 26.01.2018
It appears you misread everything.
Shakashakar 29.01.2018
Depends what you mean by identify theft. You mean used someone elses SS# so they could get a job and satisfy e-verify?
Zoloran 07.02.2018
How can us all ending up at the same destination be reconciled with evolution's progress via diversity ?
Dakasa 09.02.2018
It must be ?God?s upgrading? that is causing a rise in irreligious populations and secular nations.
Mahn 14.02.2018
Your opinion is noted.
Goltiktilar 15.02.2018
Aah, and I would agree.
Zur 22.02.2018
Alright, let's talk science!
Vugrel 26.02.2018
Your statement was pretty clear. You think people need a God to understand how things came to be.
Arashishakar 06.03.2018
And NO limitations were found.
Mazugrel 07.03.2018
Meanwhile back in the real,world, you weak minded fucks, the doj has decided it ill only enforce the laws the president wants enforced. I thought you shitstains were all about the rule of law.
Sagami 13.03.2018
Right, and he doesn?t have a great grasp of dna either.
Yojora 13.03.2018
I want mac n cheese right now.
Maujas 18.03.2018
The big problem with these things is - give evangelisers an inch and they tend to take a mile.
Kagadal 28.03.2018
Yes, that would a good idea.
Yot 04.04.2018
You may not have actually read the OP. The discussion is not about whether or not God exists, but about the Catholic belief that Mary is perfect, or if anyone can be perfect. No need to call anyone a "lieing mynx" (it's spelled lying by the way). I'm really trying to keep this OP as a respectful venue of civil discussion.
Mazukora 14.04.2018
"Also, a guy who takes invites me somewhere on the first couple dates and doesn't offer to pay tells me he is not looking to impress me."
Mezisho 19.04.2018
I think personal worth, before it's internalized, comes from the earliest influence: That sense of being loved and the safety one received from his/her family.
Vuzilkree 24.04.2018
Pu Pu Platter is a must when visiting Hawaii.


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