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father and daughter fucking

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lol That you think a lack of religion is the cause of school shootings.

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Shakaran 31.05.2018
We want diamonds to resist change.
Malagor 01.06.2018
Nope, I was just explaining how one can claim they aren't a sinner. Muslims consider you an infidel. Are you an infidel?
Braran 04.06.2018
i dont think you get what heart trap(
Mikajas 06.06.2018
This sounds like a "there's an invisible dragon in my garage" discussion. In other words, Person One asserts that there is an invisible dragon in his garage. Person Two proposes various ways of detecting the invisible dragon. Person One then invents a reason why Person Two's ideas won't work. For instance, Person Two might say, "I'll spread flour on the floor to make the dragon's footprints visible." Person One replies, "It won't work because he hovers in the air." It was first invented in Carl Sagan's book THE DEMON HAUNTED WORLD.
Tanris 17.06.2018
Well, there is also the Buddha.
Tokora 24.06.2018
Please explain yourself.
Megrel 01.07.2018
I'm not advocating the old form of totalitarian kind of socialism. Most of the advanced world are social democracies. Without socialism we have an oligarchy. How can we have a country where there is no one making sure that everyone gets a piece of the pie? A nanny state for the rich is what we have now. The rich are too powerful in this country already. Look at this fact. Half of the people live from pay check to pay check. Do you think the public is going to keep allowing that? We will have health care and free education for all. We don't have to call it socialism. But whatever you call it, its the way to go.
Malazil 01.07.2018
Are you equating abortion, a consent thing, with the holocaust. Be careful where you tred.
Golar 09.07.2018
when religious people stop trying to legislate their beliefs, I'll gladly stop barking.
Kajimi 16.07.2018
That doesn't change the fact that you would never call him a bitch to his face. NEVER.
Gogrel 20.07.2018
he doesn't follow thou shalt not kill
Yozshular 27.07.2018
I can't imagine why.
Jular 31.07.2018
I DUZ NEED THIS :) :) :)
Felrajas 01.08.2018
We aren't though.
Gardazshura 04.08.2018
"The baker does not have the right to discriminate against someone because he doesn't like their lifestyle."


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