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I like that song!

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Bisexual blogs uk
Bisexual blogs uk
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Visar 17.01.2018
It is your problem if you believe in things not proven by evidence. It's not the fault of any mythical characters, I agree.
Mik 18.01.2018
all of this LOL
Megar 28.01.2018
its the crotch crickets, and cockroaches that would bother me..
Kataxe 30.01.2018
Agnostic/Gnostic is like asking "do you believe you have proof of X" where as theism/atheism is asking "are you convinced there is a god(s)". That's as simple as humanly possible. Add the two together in any combination. I think there is even another group making gnostic/agnostic a trilemma, something about "cant know so not worth looking" but the word escapes me at the moment.
Akinogami 04.02.2018
Good for you guys. Damn good.
Dour 13.02.2018
I am "Moomy".
Balar 17.02.2018
it sounds like shes wrapped up in the whole adolescent teen drama stuff. in stead of settleing down, and getting busy, getting a job, a house and building a home for her child. sadly. the one good thing is, you guys will be the anchor for the baby. and she will have a home ,and love. i would say keep being "hard ass" about it. fight for the well being of the child. and of course ,i know you will be there for the mommy ,when she wises up and admit she needs your help, and that she is making crap decisions.. tough love is always he wise choice. although its hard when they start pulling out the emotional guilt trips. stay strong..
Samunris 20.02.2018
I can't help suspecting that what this means is that Trump has already decided on what results he wants, and if he doesn't get them, he'll simply walk out. Doing so won't solve any problems, of course, but it will play well with his base.
Mabar 21.02.2018
So true, so true.
Dilrajas 01.03.2018
Which part is in conflict with your beliefs?
Faule 10.03.2018
"While it's easy to see...."
Daimi 20.03.2018
Its hard to divorce the two when we think about the issues but its important to point out. Thank you
Yozshugor 27.03.2018
Human existence is only evidence of humans, not gods.
Moogutaxe 02.04.2018
I guess so. Cant make a living without giving uncle sam his cut.
Goshura 12.04.2018
"I do not use to read only one book but many to cross-examine the sources. Why don't you do the same?"
Kataxe 19.04.2018
Dad used them occasionally. Of course he was 81 and had a heart condition, so I think we can give him a pass.
Dom 29.04.2018
No. Just lie a lot.
Mehn 06.05.2018
See the video below.
Gall 11.05.2018
Oh yeah!! I almost forgot about that.
Zuzil 12.05.2018
Of course not. Only your spin on it.
Tojashura 14.05.2018
You accuse me of trolling despite you being deliberately obnoxious towards the other user here? Sure.
Fenrigami 21.05.2018
I will be more careful of who I get involved. Thank you :)
Mikall 25.05.2018
Well played then. Are they still together as well?
Zulucage 28.05.2018
?I?m a ganster,not in a bad way....?
Kijin 05.06.2018
"Jesus taught to his closest disciples that he himself was God's chosen Messiah who would rule God's Kingdom on Earth and each member of the 12 (Judas included) would serve as a Judge over one of the 12 tribes of Israel. "
JoJokree 09.06.2018
When I was rich (LOL in money, not love) the cake was delivered and set up. But we cut it ourselves after photos and dinner.
Mejora 19.06.2018
I hate that store...it so expensive for nothing
Malagul 29.06.2018
No, I just think that you can't use math like 5 people's lifes are 5 times as valuable as one man's life since you don't even know how to measure one man's life. I reject the idea that it's by the amount of pain they leave behind (that's why I put that as a question).
Grojora 03.07.2018
It says multiply accordingly...within family.


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