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Now my next door neighbours are close friends of ours( me my mum and dad) so we often got together to celebrate new year or birthdays. He waived the bartender over and asked me what I liked to drink.

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That's why I'm willing to help you. My friend and I were in the tub since about an hour and nothing much had really happened yet when we decided to go around to see what was happening out there.

She smiled and spoke "Mr. Besides Muscke want to see how Gqy brother rates my tits. "This is very naughty and the it is gorgeous, but it looks so uncomfortable to wear?" "Well, no time like the present" I began breathlessly, and hooked my fingers around the waistband of her knickers.

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Looks like the Sun has run out of SSG ladies now we get trailer trash every day .Love to see to-days pic in thirty years ......that's brutal to say the least ..lol

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Fenrigis 14.06.2018
If it isn't the religious nuts in the middle east interfering with human rights, it's the local religious nuts interfering with human rights.
Vudobar 22.06.2018
Not dogma. Canine mothers produce the offspring of canine mothers known as S.O.B.'s
Mozilkree 30.06.2018
LOL indeed - it's only the point you've been harping on throughout this "conversation", in your own words. Perhaps you think insulting me will cause me to overlook the fact that you've failed to substantiate your argument several times now. Or will you yet drone on again about how your family is all lawyers and you work with and speak for all scientists?
Garan 02.07.2018
what did a newborn baby do to deserve drowning and dying a terrible death? Come now
Tulrajas 04.07.2018
Yes, I continue to remind people - the Supreme Court of the United States of America was deciding whether someone can be forced to bake a cake.
Kajinris 12.07.2018
If there?s one thing I learned from you, it?s this: don?t get into a marriage without being a 100% sure about the entire thing. :)
Meztikasa 15.07.2018
While not a cannabis user (I can't stand the stuff, but again, I can't stand avocados), I'm in favor of its legalization and using the taxes off of its sale to fight opioid addiction.
Shaktigul 16.07.2018
Ok. I?m not going to go down the rabbit hole of objective and subjective morality with you, but you?re way off here.
Akimuro 23.07.2018
Ok. I don?t understand how in 2018 when condoms are rampant and cheap, someone can ?trap? a man unless they are going full out Wil E Coyote with an Acme anvil. And I seriously hope he gets that two piece special in prison.
Tak 28.07.2018
presumptious? Not at all.
Tushakar 29.07.2018
Altruism, the ultimate in self-interest.
Moogujin 05.08.2018
Maybe they teach Sex-Ed? If so...
Vokazahn 06.08.2018
You fucking clown. Do you have a brain of,your own or are you just a slave to what trump tells you?
Tum 16.08.2018
This is entirely different. One cannot compare race. I explained how.
Goltigis 18.08.2018
Listen for the jingle, it slipped into a different region.
Kebar 23.08.2018
Looks interesting. Thx!
JoJotaxe 29.08.2018
Christianity doesn't follow the laws of Moses, either. Neither does Islam.
Muzilkree 09.09.2018
John is the gospel furthest removed from Jesus and not one of the supposed sayings can be relied on as being from Jesus's mouth.
Akiran 13.09.2018
Why? The Bible makes tons of ridiculous claims that nobody should take seriously. And we already know the Bible isn't exactly a reliable method for dating either.
Yozragore 20.09.2018
If there is no god why be ethical? There are many snaeky ways to benefit oneself .
Shaktizahn 28.09.2018
He sells wedding cakes.
Fenrinos 01.10.2018
That?s what we do here- share opinions. Duh
Mikarr 03.10.2018
I'm not one for grammar when typing. Substance over small details. Surprised I'm capitalizing things today.
Zujind 11.10.2018
As you cry about my upvotes
Gardajin 12.10.2018
Stop stealing my lines.
Akinonos 16.10.2018
I have central air. ??
JoJojind 22.10.2018
Well there is rational logic based on science or experience (gravity works, if I drink dirty water I will likely regret it, a red stove burner is hot, the earth orbits the sun, ....), then there is irrational logic (the earth is flat, voodoo works, astrology predicts my future, holy books, ...).


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