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I'm not criticizing God but the distorted Bible which attributes bad things to God. Also, Jesus is not God and this is one of Bible twisting to the words of God.

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34f boob size
34f boob size
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Vosida 17.01.2018
Hey, look! You completely edited your comment after I kicked its credibility out the window.
Gujind 22.01.2018
Well let me start by saying I would never Judge a person by what he/she believes. But I am 100% sure with the God I worship because I am a African who follows and Believe in The God my ancestors believed in before the Western Gospel arrived and Believe in my ancestors and its truly working for me .
Fenris 23.01.2018
Exodus 20:12-17 Exodus 23:1-9
Tat 26.01.2018
And my answer to that is Revelations is apocryphal, out of tune with the overall message, and not an important part of the text.
Megor 04.02.2018
You both missed and made my point.
Digami 06.02.2018
I remember growing up one of the signs that you'd "Made it" in music was when Weird Al wanted to parody (He usually asked permission, even though he didn't need to) one of your songs.
Mogrel 15.02.2018
God's gonna be pissed at you. Better watch it.
Kajisho 16.02.2018
Poor T-Bear...people just don't get you lately LOL
Daigis 18.02.2018
Only part of evolution is true? Which parts? Only the bits that support your beliefs.
Vudotilar 19.02.2018
I like both of these rules. Religious education should be done solely with religious funding and religious places and no place of religious learning should be allowed to use the word school, college, university or .edu as part of their literature and assets.
Kigale 22.02.2018
Tried to block myself....it didn't work.
Kajar 24.02.2018
A cold doesn?t require treatment.
Takora 01.03.2018
So I guess you understand there is a difference in being moderate in following a mainly positive doctrine and a harmful doctrine.
Kazraktilar 04.03.2018
REGARDING YOUR EARLIER COMMENT! I assuming you didn't look up enough, clearly the ancients in your mind are supposedly primitive man mired in the mundane life, If you had looked for it you would've found that about 3000 years ago some Gnostics declared that ALL IS ENERGY clearly nothing different from what Einstein discovered when he wrote his most famous equation E=mc2( sorry cannot make it in a square). Yes, we do understand very well as to how the universe is organised but we don't really understand why is it organised as it is now do we? Given that there is no intelligent creator behind the creation of the universe, how is it that you suppose the universe is so perfectly made? Why not an irrational one? Why a universe at all is what i'm asking you, do you get it? Everybody has their own versions of how the universe came to be, but why did the singularity happened? What forced it? Was is it so inevitable and if so why? In your second statement you say that the laws of the universe are just descriptions of the universe and how it operates... Really? Are they not Integral in the functioning and organisation of universe? And since scientists say everything is made of matter, what are the laws themselves? Are they matter or are they a second substance? So the the universe is now made of matter and a second substance? Do you understand what you're saying? As for consciousness you ought to look up some people who believe we're living in an illusion(MAYA). But what really interests me is your understanding of the fact that perhaps nothing can't exist... Beyond that if you so choose to delve in the ambiguous nature of our existence due to the current scientific paradigm go to


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