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College facial powered by phpbb College

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I don't know exactly why. I don't think its all social conditioning. I do know it starts young. like before the age of 10. A boy, most of the time will just push, shove, or even punch when something doesn't go right. Then they are over it. I remember my childhood where we would get into fistfights and be over it half an hour later. Rubbed some dirt on it, got a drink from the hose, on to the next topic. Girls, as I remember, would get catty and hold grudges. They would cut each other down verbally in ways where, frankly, I'd rather have gotten punched.. I do remember that later, the bigger bullies (boys) would start using the cut downs and by high school they were every bit as vicious as I remember the girls being. Now, take the tendency to want to use your hands to settle stuff from before high school. Add a huge dose of hormones and insecurity and rejection. But you know you can't just use your fists, so you reach for an equalizer...A gun, a bomb, whatever.

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College facial powered by phpbb College
College facial powered by phpbb College
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Fauramar 18.01.2018
Indeed. Its too late to say that Christianity (especially when anyone that questions Islam is an automatic bigot) can do anything at this point.
Nebei 20.01.2018
Red velvet please :)
Shaktimuro 30.01.2018
I was asking for source proving...what did you call it? Oh yeah, an "abortion mill". Your source for this?
Shakajora 01.02.2018
True. But God has Resurrection Power.
Mesida 08.02.2018
Agreed. I don?t know how they do it but my coworker and I have nothing in common but work and are not friends
Dogar 17.02.2018
It is common view (in my experience) that Moses is a fictional character. Not only did he not exist but the whole Isrealities being slaves and escaping, 40 years in desert etc. That is all just fiction with no historical evidence for any of that. So if okay to compare them with Jesus you ar saying it is okay to compare a fictional character with Jesus.
Maushicage 23.02.2018
Yes, thank you. That is my point. Apply that to religious faith.
Barisar 25.02.2018
Religion is the perfect tool for the acquisition and maintenance of great wealth and great political power, nothing more.
Megrel 01.03.2018
You pigeonhole yourself in the section marked idiot by believing in such nonsense. I haven?t insulted you. No, I?m not circumcised. Are you an evolution denier too?
Megor 08.03.2018
I don't need to make any assertions. The behavior of some people here has painted quite a picture. Again, the very fact that this post was made- by a moderator no less- as a passive aggressive attempt to poke fun at someone they disagree with, in hopes to rile things up or push an individual away, sort of underscores the point I've made.
Goltitaxe 15.03.2018
Well, I had an experience that?s kind of a combination of Moses? child abandoned in a basket and the experience of two rock stars who have made use of Therapeutic Psychology, Carlos Santana and Ozzie Osbourne. Santana?s demon was an older man who abused him. That memory brought up repressed anger. The late John Bradshaw?s support for the 12 Step Recovery Movement inspired me.
Samugis 18.03.2018
You best read the verdict again if you think that?s what they said. They said the CCRC showed an impermissible hostility towards religion that negated the decision. So your premise is incorrect.
Kitaxe 23.03.2018
It wasn't that confusing. Back 3500 years.
Gosida 26.03.2018
If you have ever seen the movie "Death Race 2000" the French are to blame for everything.
Samuzragore 03.04.2018
Ivanka isn't just a child, she's a senior adviser in Trump's cabinet even though she has no title or salary. She has the ear of the president. She is worthy of attack just like any politician or political sycophant. Now, if people were attacking Tiffany I would agree with you. But they are not.
Vudokree 04.04.2018
Trump is an imbecile. No one of rational sensibility respects Trump.
Daijind 06.04.2018
Disqus gremlins no doubt. :)
Kajilmaran 08.04.2018
And everything real is a is the product of countless acts of creation and of invention.
Dokasa 10.04.2018
Really? When were Newton, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Copernicus "shunned" by their Church? Galileo is an example, but he was eventually freed. And none of them abandoned their faith.
Ketaur 14.04.2018
The "Porker" awards.
Shaktiramar 25.04.2018
Amen to that!
Doumi 25.04.2018
Hell we can't keep people alive here.
Meztilkree 03.05.2018
There is no proof of a changing chemical environment. No human was there so see or even to record such an environment. It is purely speculation. Divine will is NOT magic. There is no proof whatsoever of even one such chemical reaction producing life.
Shakabar 05.05.2018
Stuff like this is why I usually walk the dogs with a nice, weighty 6 foot length of wood. We have had off leash or out of yard dogs attack ours more than once.
Dar 10.05.2018
You're kind, Tom, thanks. But I admit that I'm very much a struggling Christian right now. It's hard to stay when so many who claim Christ can be so ugly toward others who've done them no wrong. :-(
Shaktishakar 16.05.2018
ive been doing work ALL day, providing links to support my argument. If you don't want to. Don't.


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