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Yes. Below you wrote, "we DO like to pretend there's free will...." That implies that you have concluded there is no free will.

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Adult collection shared share oral
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Mikalmaran 12.01.2018
You have a point and I must admit I'm on the fence when it comes to minors. A number a years ago my friend's kid was killed in a car accident. They were all minors and they were all partying and the driver was charged as adult and given 20 years. His sentencing didn't sit well with me or my friend.
Dijas 18.01.2018
Nostalgia and regret can be experienced not only on your death bed but after an accident, a divorce, a crime etc.
Kazraramar 25.01.2018
But Jesus is coming very soon, just like he has been for 2,000 years. Christians must be the most intellectually challenged people on earth.
Marisar 03.02.2018
Care to explain why there are more than one thousand different forms of Christianity?
Gardazil 13.02.2018
Hi. :) I'll watch you first!
Taumi 19.02.2018
Every detail in the Word of God is there by design. God is the designer.
Faejin 21.02.2018
Ok so mighty nite time for me so I?ll throw this out at ya...
JoJolmaran 04.03.2018
Liberal believers don?t necessarily believe that they are ?correct?. But believe that they follow one option among many.
Aralar 05.03.2018
sounds like he just beat the sh#t out of someone
Melrajas 13.03.2018
Why single out the entire country of Oman as inveterate masturbators?
Gosida 14.03.2018
Sure he did the book of Philemon speaks specifically to it.
Gokasa 16.03.2018
You said: Every baby is born into sin whether they are gay or straight
Kijora 22.03.2018
Um...it has to do with interpersonal relationships, obviously.
Vinos 26.03.2018
That is a made up cult story from thousands of years ago. Wake up.
Maunris 01.04.2018
False. You do not understand the argument, for that is not the argument at all.
Faektilar 07.04.2018
Word for word this was the argument used to defend mix race bans. It failed
Vizil 16.04.2018
The debate on here is nothing but a huge nothing burger. Look, recruiting has historically ALWAYS fell short of targets (which is why in WW1 and 2 Canada HAD to implement conscription). As I stated before the VAST majority recruits will be in non combat positions.
Zutaur 23.04.2018
Okay, so let's take this from the point of view of Islam:
Moogur 29.04.2018
Such anger, my friend. Just let it go.
Melar 07.05.2018
But who will they blame for all their troubles if there are no dreaded "others" left to blame?
Doukasa 16.05.2018
You are demanding my science creds like they mean something significant.
Nalrajas 16.05.2018
Your being a dummy believing in ancient myths, isn't my fault in the least. I didn't chose to be an atheist. I just discovered that I was. At an early age and as a black child. I saw nothing in that religion that applied to my life. So, it was simple. I just didn't internalize what I considered a joke and a hoax. Because that freed me to think for my self, my life was enhanced considerably, by not being restricted by some crazy religious crap.
Kijar 17.05.2018
Now that you understand the real scale, are you a 50?
Mizragore 19.05.2018
I really don't think it's a matter of puritanical values. Sex is everywhere in our culture. It's totally okay for women to be objectified in our culture. It's okay to use women for sex and portray them as sex objects as long as women don't break the rules of society and actually set their own rules for their sexuality and use their sexuality to satisfy themselves vs pleasing men.
Ararn 22.05.2018
Delusional Donnie embarrassing America again with his ignorance.
Nijind 29.05.2018
I did NOT say Trump is one. I said he has surrounded himself with those kinds of people, Pence is in fact a Dominionist. So are many of the Evangelicals that he has surrounded himself with. And Trump is bowing down to them and giving them power, by putting such people as Betty DeVos and others in positions of power. DeVos is a known Dominionist.
Mauran 01.06.2018
Hey that's the best we can do, isn't it?
Talmaran 10.06.2018
Yes it is and no. Not one jot or tittle has been removed from the Law. Jesus did not come to abolish the Law but the Law through him is fulfilled.
Kazram 15.06.2018
Probably like a 98%
Malaktilar 21.06.2018
Religion can be an emotional solace in times of sorrow, in exactly the same way a placebo can provide relief from a medical malady. They are both lies, but you feel better because ignorance is bliss.
Kajidal 28.06.2018
Bowie, maryland ;)
Mazukora 05.07.2018
False narrative, yawn.


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