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Because I am sure you do not even understand the science behind what you are posting, that's why.

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Tera patricks boob
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Maubar 22.01.2018
How about teaching the Koran in public schools? You okay with that?
Kagakinos 26.01.2018
I am not competent in psychotherapy which most of these discussants need.
Mell 27.01.2018
Of course their is a question about it.
Vojin 31.01.2018
Thans for the advice....
Nejinn 05.02.2018
I thought you were a moron, right again.
Akinosar 08.02.2018
I believe I am privileged to have experienced the love of God and God does not command us to do anything we dont want to do. Its called free will.
Fenrikora 10.02.2018
i hope so. as much as i disliked obama's policies, i really hoped that what he was doing was going to help us...
Meztigami 11.02.2018
The fact that it is the common denominator makes it more than relevant.
Meztikazahn 15.02.2018
You have the freedom to say that in this society without being executed.
Tusar 23.02.2018
That and I will see Woody Harrelson in just about anything.
Tygokora 28.02.2018
When you start off with wrong assumptions, like "I'm sure there is no God", the only direction you can go is the wrong one
Yozshular 05.03.2018
"There's not a single 'new' idea in the Bible."
Bracage 12.03.2018
Yes, everything they have, is built on what they took from others, and is furthermore applied to the use of further conquest and brutality. The machinery of the west is not built for the good of humanity, but for the profit of the few, at the expense of the many.
Yozshukinos 13.03.2018
And again, post the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that documents the efficacy of reparative therapy.
Jujin 17.03.2018
You write vast tracts based on my couple of sentences. You're trying too hard to turn me into something I'm not.
Dourr 25.03.2018
I agree - mainly with the last part - she shouldn't have felt she needed to be polite to the creep, he was being creepy way before the D pick was sent, she should have cut contact earlier - not saying the lead him or anything like he claimed, but she should have enough common sense to realize this guy was a creep earlier I was just reading the conversation and I thought the guy was a creep after like 3 or 4 messages from him XD
Daigul 30.03.2018
He has you don't see, Like I said your choice.
Bahn 03.04.2018
You asked me to paste it, I did, you cried about it.
Moogujar 04.04.2018
I mean their job is to get as much as possible and give out as little as possible
Gukazahn 10.04.2018
You know that you haven't disproved evolution, right? This little facet doesn't show evolution as false. It's something we simply have discovered.
Kazimuro 13.04.2018
I would define science as the study of the repeatable. That might seem overly simple at first, but it cuts through a lot of crap in many different fields.
JoJole 16.04.2018
If there is no need for a god to explain the universe and there is no evidence for a god then it is not unreasonable to say that barring evidence to the contrary that no god exists
Faemi 22.04.2018
My salary is 0 at the moment ??
Faumi 23.04.2018
It has to do with whether or not the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son, or just the Father, in the Nicene Creed.
Mikree 30.04.2018
Got any mainstream Jewish opinions to back up "circumcision isn't essential to the culture"
Mezil 10.05.2018
Yeah, I mean it's already announced on the card. What more do people need?
Kazragar 11.05.2018
If you aren't being sarcastic I would be interested in the reasoning you are using to make this conclusion.
Voodoolar 15.05.2018
The thing is you tend to use the term very differently from how you define it. That's where the issue is.
Torn 22.05.2018
There we go grouping. Not all Elites, consider themselves better than
Yozshukus 31.05.2018
Heard a lot of people say that 'wars are always caused by religion.' That doesn't seem to be true historically.
Yojinn 04.06.2018
Now that is a bit more risky, if he's doing it for her WITHOUT her knowing or asking and it WASN'T causing a problem for him.
Faekinos 14.06.2018
Yeah ok Scooter. Sure. Oh and Scooter? It has been proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Jews were NEVER slaves in Egypt nor was there ever an Exodus, nor plagues visited upon Egypt. So you keep believing in your fairy tales.
Gardarisar 24.06.2018
It is a fact Canadian born troops marched on Washington with the British and burned the WH and Canada is where the assault on America was launch from... hence so many Canadians were involved.
Grolrajas 02.07.2018
Strange. I have never had religion affect me ever in my daily life. And I am an old guy. I mean I do know it has happened. Like 9/11 as they flew the planes into the buildings I can see how that religion affected many people. Then the laws applied after affected me. But just my everyday life religion doesn't even come up.


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