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Yeah, all you conervaloons get your panties wet whenever the 2nd comes up. It's fine. Always has been. The right wingnut politicians just know that you conservaloons will immediately start screaming. Way to be manipulated. And I say that as a lifetime gun owner.

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Dimi 24.04.2018
You?re going to have to cite the specific slide that ?lies about the blunder?
Vosar 01.05.2018
Thanks. I was pretty sure I was using standard English. :)
Malkree 03.05.2018
all good examples of the Greek influence on the early Christian faith. But the historical reconstruction of earliest Christianity as practiced in Israel by the original followers of Jesus paints a very different picture. These later traditions wich are related in the Gospels and in Paul's writings have almost nothing in common except for the name of Jesus with what was taught by the Jerusalem Church founded by the original Apostles
Zulkizil 04.05.2018
Creation is an ongoing process unless you are a god.
Kilmaran 07.05.2018
After this Toronto winter, I headed for warmer climes.
Tygozilkree 09.05.2018
I don't need your god.
Zulkitilar 13.05.2018
I think he meant big 'D' democratic. As in DNC.
Tugore 19.05.2018
Most Christian churches do not consider being gay (attracted to your own gender) to be a sin. The handful of passages that discuss it are all about acting on the impulse. Paul condemned "giving into your passions", not having the passion in the first place.
Jumi 29.05.2018
That's good, you know where you are. When I vote this week I'll try to remember that this is not America.
Zuludal 06.06.2018
God bless you, and comfort you and give you peace with your great loss. The Lord grieves with you, but there will come a day when there will be no more tears in heaven! We look foreword to that! Praise the Lord!
JoJorr 15.06.2018
You?re mistaking the word fact for the word truth.
Taura 16.06.2018
Nope - tossing them back you fricking hypocrite.
Sarisar 21.06.2018
It's so strange to read you out of the context of one of your OPs. :-)
Gatilar 26.06.2018
That is a defensible position. Rule Utilitarians might accept that, at least I do. And that is exactly the right way to form utility rules - look at what society might be like in the long run as a result of the rule. Stability and security in medical care are worthwhile utilities that might make people happy and healthy.
Mausho 28.06.2018
Looks like her daughter. Is it better?
Kagajin 30.06.2018
Nothing you mention about Hebrews in Egypt has been debunked, nor has much time been spent combing deserts to search for anything.
Zulkis 08.07.2018
I mean I am not defending R Kelly or Bill Cosby but when you create art it stands a part from the actual artist. If you start discussing whose work deserves to be seen...art is done.


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