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The reason atheists can't just turn to Islam to fight against is because Islam is not the religion that is in control of this country. Thank god (sarc) we are ridding ourselves of the Christian laws on our books and giving diverse populations more equality. We are ignoring the Christian 'orthodoxy' when it comes to how one can live their lives.

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Electric toothbrush sex toy
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Guzahn 28.01.2018
You are dating yourself? How's that going for you? ;-)
Vizragore 29.01.2018
It's to stretch while you're running a few thousand miles while on Disqus
Mazukus 05.02.2018
So designed then?
Dozilkree 14.02.2018
I do not decide against whom I will engage, but, rather, against what STATEMENT I will engage. The more inane, the greater the chance I will.
Vudolar 20.02.2018
Most "fast food" isn't exactly good for you.
Nekora 26.02.2018
We might agree more than we disagree but I am very worried when people say; "God is using him", it reminds me what these same people say about Trump; "God sent him" bullhockey, a three-time married man with 5 kids by 3 women, one out of wedlock. Let me tell you something, God does not send men like Trump anyplace but to hell. Follow the words of Jesus Christ, not the words of today's so-called Christian leaders
Kik 28.02.2018
"E) I grew up with no faith as a child and remained an agnostic or atheist as an adult 15 (23.44%)"
Tasar 02.03.2018
Just let him know, that you found out the neighbor is Lorena Bobbitt's daughter.. also helps if you are slicing up carrots or squash when informing him.
Zulujora 04.03.2018
Don't forget to send
Tojalabar 11.03.2018
The belief that the Bible is inerrant is a rather modern invention. The scriptures are written by human, not God.
Akikazahn 18.03.2018
I've been called out by every single regular on here multiple times on things they don't agree with that I've said. And yet *gasp* they're STILL HERE.
Taukree 21.03.2018
omg. looking good. Beats the heckks out the DQ chicken sandwich I had. But did it come with...
Mujinn 23.03.2018
Why you would choose to follow such a stupid and hateful ideology is the real question.......
Kajikinos 02.04.2018
Yep. We need to take the unbelievers into our Family. For too long they were rejected as not belonging too. But Jesus died for them. Even for our enemies. And in taking them in from our side while they are not yet in from their side the Grace of God manifests. "Love to us while we were still sinners.
Vijas 07.04.2018
Trump couldn?t knowledgeably talk about the alphabet much less wealth distribution.
Kazrazil 13.04.2018
They're already next door neighbors.
Moogushicage 18.04.2018
Brady's son will take over when Tom finally decides to hang em up
Tolmaran 28.04.2018
So it's ok for trump to keep us Iraq Syria Afghanistan let me give some military advice tell donnie not to tell anyone we are pulling out of Syria oh wait he's done that and let Russia back into the middle East. But Obama never hid from the draft
Nisida 01.05.2018
well i don't think you get to experience nothing
Mekus 08.05.2018
Why would he? He is White, being tried as an adult is only for poor Black kids and White trash and even then its wrong
Yozshull 11.05.2018
i do love the drink inher face to blind her to the sucker punch coming right behind it.. fast and brutal..


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