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Lots of things (archaeologically) were never discovered before the 20th century, so I'm not sure why that would be a relevant point (it doesn't mean they didn't exist at the time period they're dated to just because we found it during 20th century excavations).

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Yozil 23.02.2018
And people actually believe that tariffs hurt domestic industry. The whole purpose of tariffs is to protect domestic industry.
Moramar 25.02.2018
"To arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"
Disar 07.03.2018
Presumably you said what you had to say in your first post (or two).
Zuk 12.03.2018
Lodging is pretty much the same between contractors and soldiers, (except for some highly placed civilian), whether barracks, weather havens of BAts (big ass tents). You might find a certain section reserved to contractors, but everyone usually share the same amenities.
Jumi 12.03.2018
What a depressing way to live
Akidal 22.03.2018
Actually you can?t- Mueller team acknowledged this as well.
Fezil 25.03.2018
Snow is not really describing the intensity of the Sun.
Shaktigor 30.03.2018
Glad to hear. It means they thought I was an uptight b*tch who they felt didn't deserve the warning they got from me for the massive amount of insults they were laying down in a discussion.
Fenricage 03.04.2018
Trump just called for re-admitting Russia to the G7.
Tek 09.04.2018
Trump tariff will make Pork soy ,Potato will be Cheaper and the Farmers in Iowa and Idaho will make less money and then they will thank Trump for his trade policy .
Faut 18.04.2018
It is a bad explanation.
Nagor 25.04.2018
She will when she see's it. I've done it before and she doesn't care. I'm only talking a couple of plants. We used to have 20 acres up north and she said nothing then either. My wife is not into it but she is super cool.
Yoramar 30.04.2018
Just imagine if we were to become a sanctuary province. I think that promise hurt her quite a bit, even if it was completely under reported.
Kikazahn 07.05.2018
So. Slavery was legal once. You should know better than to think the law determines or is the source of morality. It doesn't. It follows morality, or should at least. Thus the importance of these specific sentences in the Declaration....
Zulunos 11.05.2018
I can see making marijuana legal.. but what else? Cocaine? The fictional character Sherlock Holmes used to do coke. How can we end the war?
Dugami 14.05.2018
Who says its irrelevant? Muslims and Christians worship the same bogus God. My knowledge is vastly more relevant than yours. You are an empty wagon, just making a lot of noise.
Mushicage 19.05.2018
So your place came out unscathed?
Zulkigar 28.05.2018
Great question...one, I have never heard an answer for.
Dusida 04.06.2018
I dislike baiting people & being baited, which I guess you're doing. I'll play along for a little longer, since I'm tied here at the computer anyway.
Grozshura 06.06.2018
Personal convictions should remain personal and not overrule laws. A service to the public can't discriminate. If you are an anti-Christian baker, you can't refuse to bake a cake for a first Communion lunch. if you are anti-Christian tailor, you can't refuse to make the bride's dress once you know that she's going to marry in church. If you are anti-Christian and sell microphones, you can't refuse to sell them to a priest or a pastor who will use them to preach. If you sell wine, you can't refuse to sell it to a priest who will use it for the mass.
Grocage 13.06.2018
He is better than God, because he can demonstrate his existence.
Tausho 23.06.2018
Damn they are going deep, just let the man play and make this go away!!!
Dugal 01.07.2018
"Oldest ruins etc are about 4500 years or so."
Vutaur 02.07.2018
"Experts estimate that 38 percent of men worldwide are circumcised, half of them for religious reasons." - from the OP
Taular 10.07.2018
Thus proving that you have no idea what you're talking about.
Damuro 16.07.2018
Agree with you, people with sound mind and critical thinking are in majority here.
Nikolkis 17.07.2018
Maybe, but Hitler was steeped in that particular mythology: Wagner's Ring and all that stuff.
Batilar 19.07.2018
The name calling ends now
Akinojinn 24.07.2018
How to "Cherry Pick" a study to make misleading conclusions (I often say "statistics can be used to prove almost anything"). Following is an example from your OP, and what the study actually concludes.
Tygokinos 01.08.2018
Thank you for your support. I'm only sorry that you wound up getting grossly trolled by Mr Arden.
Mikakazahn 08.08.2018
Disagree, but today is deserved. Wynne simply did as all too many leaders did: overstayed and did not succession plan.
Meztiran 13.08.2018
Oh yeah I just love it when someone who do not know God the Father or their Creator or Jesus Christ and never been saved or baptized in the Spirit of God, and someone who never met a Christian in their entire life, that person says, tell me that I am not a Christian, what a trip they are on. A complete joke. Jesus Christ says that I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE no one get into heaven unless they come thru Him, Who? Jesus Christ.
Nanris 22.08.2018
That moment when you're in the juniors section bc the t-shirts are so cute and an actual junior shows up and ruins it for you.


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