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I am, increasingly, comfortably describing myself as an Atheist Christian.

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Homemade sperm tube
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Dibar 06.07.2018
We were talking about a few different potential sins. You committed one but not the other.
Kazibei 08.07.2018
"Certainly" didn't? That's crazy talk. Did you arrive there logically or from what evidence?
Zulkigore 11.07.2018
Christianity would have to evolve or perish, no resurrections allowed....
Tet 11.07.2018
Throwin back Thursday, I need to get me some Kentucky Fried...
Kezragore 16.07.2018
I can just see that apology:
Murg 24.07.2018
It is also a FACT Obama was the FIRST president in US history to NEVER achieve a single year of 3% GDP growth!
Votaxe 28.07.2018
I'm all for moderation in terms of weeding out trolls, but I've also participated - or at least tried to participate - in forums that were so heavily moderated that almost every dissenting view was thrown out. It was basically their attempt to provide an appearance of unanimity. If you agreed with the viewpoint of the site's authors, you could pretty much post anything, even if it was kinda racist or sexist. But if you refuted a point with a fact, even if it were as blandly stated as possible, you'd be banned and all your prior posts would be removed. It got to be a challenge for me to figure out how to make my point in a post that would actually be approved.
Gajar 31.07.2018
LOL my patience wears thin with randos.
Mazugis 04.08.2018
Don't really need to, I can simply look at their track record, as for the NDP, not a chance in hell regardless, we can't afford them at all.
Malalabar 08.08.2018
That?ll be your little secret
Vocage 11.08.2018
The reason I ask this is because Kitty noticed C said he joined a ? messianic Jewish ? group.


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