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Actually he was resisting from what you can observe in the video. Its pretty easy for me to see that the officers were telling him to do something, and then they tried taking his cell phone and he refused to give it up. But that being said, I see no justification for the level of violence the officers resorted to.

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Sand populares amateur couple
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Douk 23.04.2018
I might be persuaded to 16 if he could prove there had been no coercion, which would of course be impossible.
Tozuru 03.05.2018
Neither does utterly ignoring the problems in the narrative.
Fenrill 09.05.2018
I'm doing this in between real life, too. :)
Gazahn 11.05.2018
I felt a bit like Jordan Peterson during that BBC interview after reading your comment.
Zolodal 11.05.2018
I was indoctrinated RCC. I wonder if that's a coincidence?
Zulmaran 16.05.2018
There is no reason to think Luke 1:1-4 is fake. 1:1-4 is a statement made by the unkown author of Luke that according to him what he is about to relate is the most accurate account of the life of Jesus according to the beliefs of his time. So it is not important if what he is relating is fake it only says that the author thinks it is accurate. Can everything following this statement be demonstrated to be fake , well yes it can.... starting with the infancy narratives about Jesus which all agree is entierly made up by the author.
JoJojind 23.05.2018
Men that turn everything into a sexual joke make my butt itch.
Mibar 31.05.2018
CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a lucky little girl to be safe and loved in a proper home :) <3
Arashit 02.06.2018
Of course, the two messiah belief is a little more complex, but that?s the basic run down on this belief.
Kagazil 12.06.2018
IDK, the tyrannical gubment that they love above all else. At least that's what I get from their conversation.
Voodoobar 18.06.2018
Give your stolen Bible back to its rightful owner since you have no respect for the one true Church that defined it and assembled it. Thief. Go peddle your lies somewhere else.
Moogugul 27.06.2018
No one asked him to ?think up a design? or would he go to jail.
Dom 07.07.2018
"Limited speciation? Bible has it."
Shagore 16.07.2018
I wrote this on another post but it seems appropriate here. The theory of evolution has nothing to do with a creator or God. It is the explanation for the diversity of life on earth. A god may or may not exist but it is not necessary to explain the diversity of life. As far as evolution is concerned God may exist but she is irrelevant as to the explanation for the diversity of life on earth.
Mezihn 22.07.2018
Could be because he attacks stupidity. Whatever side of the aisle that means.
Tugul 31.07.2018
Who are you kidding? You don't think.


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