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Once again, prove it.

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Dead girl autopsy
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Vijin 20.01.2018
you would compare Bible Truth - to such a vile thing.
Ditaur 28.01.2018
There is a famous preacher who recently, Tuesday I think it was, used Christian "duty" to Matthew 28:19-20 as a reason for his audience to give him donations.
Kazralrajas 03.02.2018
Take a gander at this article...http://
Fenrimi 05.02.2018
Try to read again Genesis 19. Homosexuality is explicitly mentioned among the sins of the people of Sodom.
Samusar 11.02.2018
3 titles in 4 tries...DYNASTY! DYNASTY! DYNASTY!...
Vokazahn 15.02.2018
No, you still aren't getting it. Once facts have been established there is no more interpretation. It simply is what it is. It is only when we do NOT have facts that we must rely on interpretation.
Nizahn 16.02.2018
So do I. And the world seems fine. Then again, I don't expect much out of the man who believes himself god out of delusion.
Arashisho 22.02.2018
Oh, you like the idea of bankrupting the province do you? Great, you deep thinker you. I bet you won`t think so in six months, but I doubt if thinkers like you can go that far ahead.
Vozshura 23.02.2018
The Bible is not a historical document. It is a book. It is a religious book full of religious stories.
Guzragore 03.03.2018
" I'm not personally aware of a difference in the attributes Aristotle attributed to God compared to those I have attributed to God. If"
Nikozshura 12.03.2018
Probably some NDP nut.
Kashakar 19.03.2018
That's true. Because it's not about the guns it's about control.
Zulutilar 22.03.2018
Well they are responsible enough to be tried as an adult so then they are adults, no? No they are not, you want it both ways, typical Rightist
Nikodal 25.03.2018
Well, if you are not willing to throw out clear text, then the bible is refuted. You either have to interpret, or move on.
Sajas 02.04.2018
Middle school.....it's Arkansas
Salar 03.04.2018
The risks involved with being circumcised outweigh any benefits.


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